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Company profile
Xiangyang city extension and glass fiber reinforced plastic co., LTD is located in the FanCheng area pine crane road15Number(The fourth knitters),The geographical position is superior,The traffic is very convenient,Is the collection of scientific research、Design、Manufacturing、The installation、Maintenance for the integration of economic entities。With solid financial strength and technical strength,Have a large production base, science and technology personnel20Many people,To rely on,Marketing network all over the country,Advanced production technology,Has a complete product development and production management system,Products throughISO9001International quality system certification,To a corporate brand and reputation in the industry。 
The company sets technology、The production department、Development department、The finance department、Engineering installation department,The main products are:Square、Circular glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower、Flame retardant non-combustible FRP central air conditioning pipe、Various chemical corrosion、Vertical storage tank、Car dome and accessories、All kinds of flower bed、A flower pot、Garbage and glass fiber reinforced plastic tile。The latest developed aluminum foil phenolic non-combustible ventilation pipe。And according to user requirements design and manufacture all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials products。Our company produces the series products of cooling tower,Corrosion resistance、High strength、Light weight、Small volume、Covers an area of less、Beautiful and durable,And transportation、Installation and maintenance are convenient。Therefore widely used national economic departments,For air conditioning、Refrigeration、Air compressor station、Heating furnace and condensation process is especially suitable for cooling water circulation system。The product model is complete,Superior performance,Reasonable price,Welcome by users。At the same time, the production and operation of various specifications of the cooling tower packing、Cooling tower fan、Cooling tower motor、The speed reducer、The cloth、Nozzle、Glass fiber cloth accessories such as glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower,To undertake and cooling tower reconstruction and repair business。
My company in the production of various specifications of glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank、Glass fiber reinforced plastic containers、Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline、Ventilation pipe、FRP lighting tile, etc200A number of varieties of glass fiber reinforced plastic products,And according to user needs,Design and manufacture all kinds of not finalize the design product。Company production of glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank(SMCModular water tanks,The whole tank,Heat preservation water tank),With light weight、No rust、No leakage、Water quality is good、Use range、Long service life、Heat preservation performance is good,Beautiful shape、Easy installation、Easy cleaning maintenance、Strong adaptability, etc,Widely used in hotels、The school、The hospital、Industrial and mining enterprises、Business entity、Residential buildings、The office building,Is water as a public life、Fire water and industrial water of water storage facilities ideal products。
The company“Strives for the survival by the quality、To the credibility of development”The aim of the,Adhere to the market economy as the guidance、With the excellent quality of return customers、At a reasonable price to adapt to and stabilize the market、With perfect after-sales service to users and is responsible for their own products。
    The development of the enterprise、People-oriented。Over the years,My company in domestic universities set up talent communication network,Every year there are a number of highly qualified talents to join us,Laid a solid foundation for the development of the company。
    The aim of the company is good faith service、The quality for this、The customer is supreme、Based on the world、Innovation achievements in the future。
XiangyangRio and glass fiber reinforced plastic co., LTD of li Ming, general manager with all the staff is willing to with advanced production equipment,Strong technical force,With excellent products and quality services to meet customer need biggest,Perfect after-sales service,We adhere to cooperate with you。